Death and Other Known Risks from Colonoscopy

colonoscopy constipation hemorrhoids ibs Feb 17, 2013

I’m guest posting over at The Healthy Home Economist today, and I hope you’ll be frisky enough to follow me there.    Sarah Pope and I consider the topic of colon health to be very timely with National Colon Awareness Month coming up next month.    Given that the pressure will soon be on for each of us to get a “preventive colonoscopy, ” it’s a good time to share some reasons why that might not be such a good idea.

For starters, did you know  that the rate of serious complications from colonoscopy screening is ten times higher than any other commonly used cancer-screening test?

I didn’t either, but according to Konstantin Monastyrky, the author of Fiber Menace, “the odds of being killed or injured by the side effects of colonoscopy may exceed your odds of getting colorectal cancer in the first place.”

He further points out that the procedure is far from infallible.  It not often fails to catch colorectal cancer in many cases, but can also cause, contribute to or accelerate the growth of colorectal and other cancers.

How so?

  • Dysbiosis. Intestinal flora are disrupted because the procedure requires a thorough washing out of the large intestine with large doses of synthetic laxatives, followed by bowel irrigation with polyethylene glycol and hypertonic electrolytes. Both substances kill bacteria, both good and bad. Dysbiosis contributes to irregularity, constipation, IBS, Crohn’s and other diseases known to increase colon cancer risk. Dysbiosis also contributes to a wide range of other health problems.
  • A Worsening of Stool Patterns: Those already affected by hemorrhoids, chronic constipation, IBS or diverticulosis may find these conditions become worse after colonoscopy.
For more, including possible complications from the procedure, the increased risk of heart attack and stroke, infections and other dangers, please head on over to

And if you are still thinking you’ll do that colonoscopy, Monastysky also has a few words there about how to increase the level of safety and accuracy should you choose that option.


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