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Connecting Neighbors -- Creating Food Security May 27, 2022

Zen Honeycutt wants to help Americans grow their own food, share it and achieve better health and food security one block at a time.

Honeycutt founded the Neighborhood Food Network (NFN) to “transform the food supply in America and beyond. That means taking on the food industry and creating...

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Allergic to Peanuts? Beware of Soy. Mar 06, 2015

Severe reactions to soy were once rare. Today they are increasingly common, and pose especially high risks to children already afflicted with peanut allergies.

In 1999, the journal Allergy reported that four children in Sweden died after eating a minuscule amount of soy...

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Thereโ€™s Soy in THAT? Products to Avoid if You Suffer from Soy Allergies Feb 20, 2013

Is there no end to the foods and other products that can get soy’led?   Probably not, and these days soy could be lurking anywhere and everywhere.   Although soy can seem like a “green alternative” to petroleum products, the soy-ling of America is bad news indeed for...

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