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Painful Sex? Pelvic Pain? It’s Not All in Your Head Jan 14, 2018

Painful sex. It’s a symptom — along with burning, stinging, itching and swelling — of an agonizing condition known as vulvodynia. That’s the medical term for persistent pain at the vaginal entry, upper thighs, and buttocks, and some women are so badly afflicted that they...

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Is Soy Causing Moobs? Apr 02, 2015

In the vernacular, they are known as “moobs”, “moobies”,”breasticles” or “bitch tits.”   The medical term is “gynecomastia.”   Whatever, they’re called, so many of our boys and young men are growing breasts that surgeons...

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Allergic to Peanuts? Beware of Soy. Mar 06, 2015

Severe reactions to soy were once rare. Today they are increasingly common, and pose especially high risks to children already afflicted with peanut allergies.

In 1999, the journal Allergy reported that four children in Sweden died after eating a minuscule amount of soy...

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Soy in Okinawa: Separating Myth from Fact Jan 07, 2015

How much soy do Okinawans really eat?

The “average” consumption of soy foods in Asia is not as high as many people think so soy proponents have been trying their best to turn our attention instead to soy consumption in Okinawa, an island with some of the healthiest seniors and most...

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The Tofurky Dialogues Nov 20, 2014

What’s Tofurky?

It’s a vegan “roast” made primarily from tofu and wheat gluten.  It smells strange, is oblong shaped, and said to taste like turkey, at least by vegans who’ve either never eaten real turkey or have very distant and feeble memories of having...

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Your Breasts Don’t Lie: Using Thermography to Monitor Estrogenic Foods and Products Oct 29, 2014

Tired of the pinkwashing yet? Breast Cancer Awareness Month is winding down, and it’s high time to think about ways to prevent breast cancer  — not just detect it early on but prevent it altogether. One of the best ways to monitor breast health could be thermograms....

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Are Hobby Lobby and Eden Foods Guilty of Hypocrisy? Jul 01, 2014

Was Hobby Lobby’s Supreme Court victory this week  a triumph for religious freedom or a blow against women’s rights?   Let’s allow that debate to rage elsewhere and  focus here on how Hobby Lobby– and Eden Foods, a natural food company that shares Hobby...

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Thyroid Cancer’s on the Rise and Soy’s Not the Solution May 24, 2014

Why has thyroid cancer incidence, especially among women, dramatically increased over the last 30 years?  That’s one of the big questions discussed by Dr. David Brownstein and other experts at The Thyroid Summit.1     This event is online, free and not to be missed....

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Soy Tanks Testosterone in Strength-Training Men Apr 29, 2014

For years, top body builders such as the late Vince Gironda touted diets rich in eggs, raw milk, red meat and other animal products while warning about the dangers of soy protein.1    Gironda went so far as to call soy protein that s*&%#**    The soy industry, of...

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Soy for Weight Loss? Fat Chance! Mar 04, 2014

As Americans get fatter and fatter, the soy industry has stepped up its efforts to promote soy as the ticket to weight loss.  In school cafeterias soy is presented as the “healthy” meat and dairy alternative that can prevent childhood obesity.    In health food stores...

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