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Nothing Natty about Natto. But the Strings of Soy Slime ARE Good for You. May 01, 2013

There’s nothing natty about natto.  This old-fashioned soy product is made from whole soybeans that have been soaked, boiled or steamed, and then fermented.    It’s known for its sticky coat, cheesy texture, musty taste, sliminess, stringiness and pungent odor.  ...

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Is There “Hidden” Soy in Your Eggs and Meat? Oct 07, 2012

Since 2005, when The Whole Soy Story:The Dark Side of America’s Favorite Health Food was published, many readers have shared stories of allergic reactions to eggs, dairy and meat from soy-fed animals.  Not a lot of science supports this just yet, but four studies indicate...

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