EggNog! The Traditional Way to Drink to the New Year without Getting Drunk

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Did you know our ancestors ate high-fat, high-protein foods such as eggs and bacon before going to parties or pubs?  Such foods help prevent drunkenness, bad behavior and  hangovers.  How so?  The saturated fat in traditional foods not only helps keep blood sugar stable  but also helps the liver detoxify.  No wonder  a traditional eggnog — high in milk, cream and egg yolks — is the most perfect drink for the holidays.  It’s food and drink all in one.

What’s my recipe for eggnog?     This one serves two:


1 cup full fat raw milk,  preferably from reindeer, though cow’s milk will do just fine.

1 cup raw cream

3 or 4 raw egg yolks, preferably dark yellow or orange yolks from free-range hens that get out in the sun

½ tsp genuine vanilla extract

3  tbsp raw honey (or to taste)

Sprinkle of nutmeg

Bourbon or rum to taste


Mix well.   Pour into festive mugs.  Sprinkle with nutmeg.    This is a deliciously  high-fat eggnog.   Those who have been on low-fat diets for years and cannot digest so much fat may wish to adjust this to 1 ½ cups milk and ½ cup cream.   Enjoy!

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