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Why Soy Can Harm the Thyroid and Contribute to Weight Gain Dec 08, 2013

Soy is a common ingredient in weight loss products though it can actually cause weight gain!  In fact, more than 70 years of scientific studies link soy to thyroid disorders, most often manifesting as hypothyroidism with its familiar symptoms of weight gain, fatigue, lethargy,...

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Talking Tofurky Nov 23, 2013

Eager readers want to know how to incorporate the “health benefits” of soy into their Thanksgiving dinners.    As the Naughty Nutritionist®,  I suggest we not eat soy this Thursday but speak it.    In other words, let’s talk tofurky.   Given...

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Soy and Prostate Cancer: What Men Need to Know Sep 01, 2013

It’s National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, and the soy industry will most likely be out tying on light blue ribbons and shilling soy milk, soy powders and soy nuts as the ticket to manly health.   This year, however, I’d suggest they start singing the blues.

With one out of...

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The Ins and Outs of Soy Sauce: What You Need to Know Now Jul 08, 2013

It’s the most popular flavor enhancer in Asian cooking, and good and good for us if made the old-fashioned way.   Unfortunately most of what’s found in supermarkets and restaurants is loaded with MSG and carcinogens.

The “right stuff” is made through a fermentation...

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Size Does Matter. The Effect of Environmental Estrogens on Otters and Men Jun 24, 2013

Otters are fun-loving creatures that probably don’t obsess over penis size.  And that might be a good thing given that UK researchers have discovered otter penises are shrinking.   More precisely, the penis bone known as the baculum is losing both size and weight.   Worse,...

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Death by Barbecue? We Get More HCAs from Processed Food than Grilling Jun 10, 2013

The dog days of summer are the perfect time to put grassfed meat and pastured pork on the barbie. But when the grills are out, the health experts also come out with the usual dire warnings about the dangers of barbecuing and carcinogenic HCAs.     At The Healthy Home Economist,...

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“Good Brisk Sits” and Other Ways to Get Fit and Work Out at Work May 24, 2013

Trying to get in a workout at work?     Had too many workdays where the only exercise you seemed to get was jumping to conclusions, running down the competition, side stepping responsibility and pushing your luck?

Then, how about a desk chair that could provide what comedian Phyllis...

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Is Red Meat Delicious but Dangerous? If the Cholesterol and Saturated Fat Won’t Get Us, Will the Carnitine Kill Us Dead? May 11, 2013

Red meat has a reputation of being both delicious and dangerous.   And the mainstream media tries its darndest to make us afraid .  .  .  really afraid.

Yet red meat’s a red hot source of zinc, the number one mineral needed to fire up the libido.  It’s high in...

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Nothing Natty about Natto. But the Strings of Soy Slime ARE Good for You. May 01, 2013

There’s nothing natty about natto.  This old-fashioned soy product is made from whole soybeans that have been soaked, boiled or steamed, and then fermented.    It’s known for its sticky coat, cheesy texture, musty taste, sliminess, stringiness and pungent odor.  ...

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Hair Apparent: Is Hair Mineral Analysis Quack Medicine? Apr 27, 2013

I recommend hair mineral analysis for nearly all my clients as the best way to test for and monitor the elimination of toxic metals.  This form of testing puzzles some people because it was exposed as “quackery” in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)...

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