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Hair Apparent: Is Hair Mineral Analysis Quack Medicine? Apr 27, 2013

I recommend hair mineral analysis for nearly all my clients as the best way to test for and monitor the elimination of toxic metals.  This form of testing puzzles some people because it was exposed as “quackery” in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)...

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Earth Day 2013: Why I Say โ€œNoโ€ to Meatless Monday . . . and What to Do to Help Our Planet Instead Apr 21, 2013

Earth Day’s today, and all weekend there have been events and meetings designed to educate people and enlist them in the cause of planetary health.

Unfortunately, way too much of this talk will focus on “veg centric” diets with vegan diets recommended as the be all and end all...

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The Oiling of America: Adding DHA, SDA and Other GMO Ingredients to โ€œHealth Foodsโ€ Apr 07, 2013

Listen to most vegans and you’d think DHA from algae is an all-natural, plant-sourced algae that is healthier than fish and more sustainable for the planet as well.
Go to nutrition conferences, and you’ll hear much the same.

In truth, there’s nothing natural about it, and...

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That Special Glow: Shedding Light on Carnivorous Plants, Nutrient-Rich Diets and Bug Eating Apr 01, 2013

Plants bite back!   The plant-based diet crowd doesn’t much like this idea, and is probably not going to like today’s news either.    But National Geographic reports that certain members of plant kingdom not only bite back in self defense but actively...

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Clearing Radiation: A Detoxification Bath from Dr. Hazel Parcells Mar 30, 2013

Without the inspiring example of Dr. Hazel Parcells (1889-1996), I wouldn’t have become healthy, much less turned into The Naughty Nutritionist.

Dr. Parcells inspired me not only because she had a great sense of mischief, but a talent for chopping and slicing through nutritional dogma....

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Breakfast of Sex Champions? Mar 16, 2013

There’s a new cereal on the market that is said to “fuel your fire,” bring out your inner “tiger” and even “fill a hole in the market.”

It debuted in Canada last month, is called SexCereal, and hopes “to penetrate the performance-enhancing...

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Chicken Soup with Lead? Looking into a Controversy Mar 11, 2013

A study in the journal Medical Hypothesis published January 30 has been scaring people away from eating soups and stews made with old-fashioned bone broth.   Entitled “The Risk of Lead Contamination in Bone Broth Diets,” it reports broth made from organic chickens is...

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Building Poor Bones: The Sad Case of a 12 Year Old Vegan Girl in Scotland Mar 08, 2013

Today’s blog concerns the extreme danger of vegan nutrition to babies and children and the sad fact that a 12 year old vegan girl from Scotland was hospitalized with the degenerating bones of an unhealthy 80 year old woman.    I’m guest blogging about this with Sarah Pope...

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The Status of Flatus and Other Questions about Musical Fruits Mar 06, 2013

March is National Colon Awareness Month, and a good time to answer a few questions about gas.

Dear Kaayla,   How much gas do people pass?     — Dick

Dear Dick,  It varies from person to person, but it averages out as 1 to 3 pints daily with about 14 episodes.


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Soy: The King of Musical Fruits Mar 05, 2013

In honor of National Colon Awareness Month, let’s talk about soy — soy as  an incomparable gas producer, as the very king of musical fruits.

Abdominal bloating, rumbling and flatus experienced by vegetarians and other heavy soyfood eaters make soy the butt of a great deal of...

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